Scannable App for iOS

Evernote users have another reason to make the service a central part of their digital lives. This comes after the company announced about Scannable, an app that scans the documents using your iPad or iPhone before uploading them to their service. Speaking of which, the scanned documents can still be searched via Evernote, and edited where necessary. But that's not all.

Evernote's Scannable also allows you to send the uploaded documents via any digital means you prefer. But before that, the app automatically crops, adjusts, and rotates the images in your device, just to ensure they're well-polished before uploading.

Besides being super-fast, Scannable is a no-brainer to use. All you have to do is to open and direct the application to the receipt, business card or document you want to capture and you're done! No editing, cropping or adjusting the color. Scannable does it all for you.


Once done, the captured images will be queued to a tray, in a capture window, thus making it easy for you to review and sort them out before sending or anything else.

Save what's relevant in a business card to contact

Business cards contain the most important information about your business. The cost, even if you use an online printing service, which gives you better pricing than a local shop, is higher when the card gets wasted (no one contacts you back or it gets lost / forgotten).


Business cards are among a few oft-overlooked networking tools. You give it to a person; they stash it in a drawer somewhere, forgetting about it. More often, we find ourselves assuming a business card is just a piece of paper, until that time when we need to talk to the other person. However with Scannable, things are a little different.

For instance it lets you see a business card for what it is—not just a piece of paper, but an important piece of information. The paper is trivial, yes. But the words inside it are so full of potential. If anything they're what your business needs to thrive. And if you don't need it now, there'd come a time when you'll be forced to disarrange your entire office trying to figure out where you misplaced the card.


But thanks to Evernote's new awesome application; every business card you enter gets digitized. It then culls out relevant information, getting more details from the contact's LinkedIn profile, so you won't have to get a headshot to use alongside the details. At this point, you're free to ditch the paper, rest assured you have all the relevant information safely stored in your contact.

Office scanner for everyone

Scannable is directly connected to ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner, a feature that uses Wi-Fi to reorganize collective scanning. Meaning anyone in the office can open the feature, drop some documents, and within a snap have the work done. That's only possible with Evernote's hassle-free office scanner for everyone.


Send your paper anywhere from anyplace at any time

Another reason why Scannable is a must-have. No worries. As long as your iPhone or iPad has some juice to run it, you can send your documents anywhere at any time.


Scannable in Action

No workloads

With Scannable, some assignments can be done right off the bat. With a single tap, you can have all the discussion notes emailed to all the attendees as you walk out or have a contract saved in your Evernote within a snap. Once done, the scan tray clears out immediately, making it easier for you to have a fresh start the next session.

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